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Basement Remodeling | Finished Basement

Turn your dark, damp basement into a clean, dry, inviting place for living with basement refinishing with ABC Windows And More!

In a completely unfinished basement, the first priority of any basement remodel or basement refinishing project is to decide how to finish the large surfaces, including the walls, flooring, and ceiling. Taking the bare basement with floors and walls made of concrete and the ceiling comprised of exposed joists is truly a site and can be overwhelming to imagine a new found living space.

ABC Windows And More can transform your basement into a functional living space full of options and maximizing your home's value today and for tomorrow. At ABC Windows And More we will guide you from design to build out and deliver a quality basement remodel to make your new home a dream come true!

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ABC Windows And More offers many options in turning your basement full of storage into living space! Click and learn more now! You at least deserve to get a home improvement estimate from us for your basement today!

ABC Windows And More is available to come out for an in home expert consultation to show you all your options available when it comes to your new basement. Simply contact us by calling us now at 419-931-6573! We’re ready to answer all your basement remodeling questions today! Remember, calling us is as easy as A-B-C!