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Motorized Retractable Awnings by Sunsetter

See how affordable a SunSetter retractable awning can be with ABC Windows And More - Your Local Authorized Sunsetter Reseller and Professional Installer of America's #1 awning! Outsmart the weather with shade, protection and comfort anytime you want and with the touch of a button too! Sunsetter Awnings are available in hundreds of fabric colors and styles to match any outdoor decor! Guard your family and guests from harmful UV rays while lowering your air conditioning bill by shading windows and glass doors from direct sunlight too.

Motorized retractable awnings offer the ultimate in quality, elegance, and ease of use!

You can find more expensive retractable awnings for your patio or deck, but you won’t find a better, more quality and feature rich retractable awning like the Sunsetter retractable awning. Plus, you will discover the Sunsetter awning to be completely custom built to fit your home without the custom built price tag!

Ordering directly from ABC Windows And More offers the greatest advantage! Let me share how! Not only are we currently offering a $200 savings off a custom retractable awning, but we're offeing a professional installation of all our retractable awnings too!

Our motorized retractable awnings come in two models! The Standard Motorized Retractable Awning and the XL Motorized Awning. The XL awning offers extended, maximum protection and coverage for your patio and deck! The XL awning extends a full 11 feet 8 inches from your home!

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Consider a Customized
Motorized Retractable Awning

Standard Motorized Retractable Awning
• Widths 8 feet 20 inches in 1-foot increments
• 8 feet width extends out from your home: 7 feet
• 10-11 feet width extends out from your home: 9 feet
• 12-20 feet width extends out from your home: 10 feet 2 inches
• 16 designer colors in quality woven acrylic fabric
• 12 traditional laminated fabric color choices
• Manual crank override option included
• Installs under overhangs as low as 7 feet 6 inches
• One touch remote control included

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Compare the Standard Motorized Awning to the XL Motorized Awning Now!


The motorized retractable awnings by Sunsetter Awning offers all the same quality of the manually operated awning but with even more features!

So, if you don’t want all the bells and whistles there are three additional awning models for you consider too – the Vista Awning, Model 1000XT Awning, and the Model 900XT. These manual awnings offer an exceptional value and will fast become the center of your family's life outdoors this spring, summer and fall too!

Are you ready to order your new retractable awning? Great we’re waiting for you at ABC Windows And More right now to answer all of your questions about Sunsetter retractable awnings and schedule your free in home consultation. Simply call us now at 419-931-6573 or fill out our contact form now!