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Need an Answer About Roofs?
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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

  1. Do all roofs offer the same energy savings?
  2. Is it true you are allowed to have 3 roof on a residential home?
  3. Why does Owens Corning mean by a roofing system?
  4. How many colors does Owens Corning roofs come in, because I am worried it will not match my home and I will have to settle with BLACK?
  5. How fast can you install a new roof on my house?
  6. Is it true replacement windows takes months and months to get installed after I order my new windows?
  7. Will my new roof have both a workmanship warranty and a shingle warranty?

Answer 1:

No. Not all roofs are made with the same quality materials, supportive accessories or professional installation. But you never have to worry when you work with the roofing professionals at ABC Windows And More! Call now at 419-931-6573 for your free roof replacement estimate!

Answer 2:

Actually the building code in Ohio only allows for 2 asphalt layers or one asphalt and one metal. Three roof layers is allowed on some steeper roofers.

Answer 3:

That is a great question abou the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System! The roofing system is an integrated system of roofing components and layers designed to help perform in three critical areas to protect your home. The roofing system is made up of 7 layers! To learn more about the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System please contact the roof professionals at ABC Window And More for more details and a free Owens Corning roof estimate at 419-931-6573 today.

Answer 4:

Owens Corning offers over 70 different colors and 7 styles of shingles too. ABC Windows And More is a Preferred Roofing Contractor with many years of roofing experience. We will help you find the right color to make your house the most beautiful home on the block! So, if you're looking to add character to your home or just add energy efficiency with a fresh modern look call ABC Windows And More for your free roof estimate today at 419-931-6573.

Answer 5:

Most roofs can be installed in a day but on average larger homes can take 2-3 days. It is all dependent on weather conditions, underlayment issues we might discover among other details. But rest assured the team of roofing professionals at ABC Windows And More will move swiftly to schedule and install your new roof.

Answer 6:

No. ABC Windows And More goes far beyond white and beige replacement window color options! Typically it is those crazy deals where windows are $69 a month where you are restricted to white or beige in specific sizes and types. Our windows are offered in a range of light to dark hues for the exterior frames and a variety of solid colors and wood grains to match the interior design of your home.

Answer 7:

Yes. ABC Windows And More not oly backs the Owens Corning with a workmanship warranty but Owens Corning also backs all of their roofing shingles with several roofing warranty options to insure your peace of mind. Plus our roofing installers are all manufacturer trained and certified to install your roof by Owens Corning.