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New and Replacement Window Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do all replacement windows offer the same energy savings?
  2. What is a SUPER SPACER?
  3. Is three panes better than two panes?
  4. Can vinyl replacement windows match my home's style and coloring?
  5. Do replacement vinyl windows only come in white and beige?
  6. Is it true replacement windows takes months and months to get installed after I order my new windows?
  7. How are replacement windows installed?
  8. Do I really need to replace all my windows in my home all at once? I have over 14 windows!

Answer 1:

No. Not all replacement or new windows are created equally. Windows are rated based on how many panes of glass, low-e glass coatings, window frame quality, gas filled between panes and insulated spacers. But you never have to worry when you work with the replacement window professionals at ABC Windows And More! Call now at 419-931-6573 for your free window replacement estimate!

Answer 2:

Super Spacer is an advertised name for Spacers that separate and secure the panes of glass. The edges of the glass pack are most vulnerable to heat and cooling loss so a spacer is needed to join the edges for insulation. Some manufacturerers even call them warm edge spacers. The key take away is spacers in windows help in reducing the conductivity of energy loss at the edges of the glass in a window.

Answer 3:

Yes three panes of glass in a replacement window is more insulated, however not everyone needs a three pane replacement window. Please contact the window professionals at ABC Window And More for more details and a free window estimate at 419-931-6573.

Answer 4:

Absolutely. ABC Windows And More offers several replacement window styles to complement the design of your home whether you have brick or siding or even wood! Single or double-hung replacement window styles are ideal for most homes, but casement windows, awning or the ever popular architectural shapes can provide visual interest and amazing curb appeal. If you are looking to add character to your home or add a fresh modern look consider non-traditional grille patterns or specialty colored artisian glass!

Answer 5:

No. ABC Windows And More goes far beyond white and beige replacement window color options! Typically it is those crazy deals where windows are $69 a month where you are restricted to white or beige in specific sizes and types. Our windows are offered in a range of light to dark hues for the exterior frames and a variety of solid colors and wood grains to match the interior design of your home.

Answer 6:

No. It is true replacement windows can take any where from 1-4 week to be manufactured and delivered to us your professional window installer. Installation can than take any where from a few days to a few weeks - again it is all dependent on how many windows you have, if the windows are custom and / or require any special installation. Rest assure ABC Windows And More will give you an estimate of what type of timeline you are looking at and as we place the order for your new windows we will update you with a more actual timeline for installation to completion. We have installed hundreds of replacement windows so know you are working with a professional window company and you can trust us to make this process easy and memorable for all the right reasons!

Answer 7:

The majority of all replacement windows are installed from the outside. In some situations it may be necessary to install windows from the inside of a home, but it is very uncommon.

Answer 8:

Definitely not! However there can be many reasons you may want to consider before you panic! Especially if you have more financial flexibility! Replacing multiple windows at one time can earn you up front discounts, better finance opportunities, more energy efficiency and savings than if you do 1 or 2 windows at a time.