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Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Siding

  1. Does all siding offer the same energy savings?
  2. Is it true vinyl siding is maintenance free?
  3. Is vinyl siding weather resistant and durable against harsh storms?
  4. How many colors does siding come in?
  5. What is insulated siding?

Answer 1:

No. Not all siding is manufactured with the same level of quality of materials or have built in insulation back board. But you never have to worry when you work with the siding professionals at ABC Windows And More! Call now at 419-931-6573 for your free siding estimate to learn what the best siding option is for you and your home!

Answer 2:

Nothing on or in a home, especially the exterior of a home will ever be 100% maintenance free. However, with that said, CertainTeed's exterior siding is what we call low to no maintenance. Vinyl siding will need the occasional rinse washing to remove build up of dirt. But the color should not fade, siding never needs to be painted, and as long as you wash your siding at least once a year you should have years and years of enjoyment and maintain a fresh appearance too!

Answer 3:

Yes. CertainTeed vinyl siding is manufactured to last an extremely long time. Vinyl siding warranties can range from 20-40+ years depending on the thickness. Plus, some siding styles come with lifetime warranties that can be transferred to the next owner! In general, vinyl siding is resistant to cold, heat and moisture and is certified to withstand heavy winds up to 100+ miles per hour. To learn more about the different types of CertainTeed Siding we offer please contact the vinyl siding professionals at ABC Window And More for more details and a free siding estimate at 419-931-6573 today.

Answer 4:

Vinyl siding comes in a myriad of colors for every look and style combination you can imagine. No longer are there just basic colors and flat siding boards. Today you can get siding that looks like wood and look alike cedar planks in colors of the rainbow from beautiful sand dune to sky blue and beyond. ABC Windows And More offers the best in professional siding with years of vinyl siding installation experience. We will help you find the right color to make your house the most beautiful home around! So, if you're looking to add character to your home or just add energy efficiency with a fresh modern look call ABC Windows And More for your free vinyl siding estimate today at 419-931-6573.

Answer 5:

Insulated siding is vinyl siding with rigid foam insulation that is attached to the siding panel. Insulated siding is installed on the exterior of a home, garage or free standing building to aid in reducing the energy loss through framing, drywall or other layers of building materials. So if you are looking for sommething more energy efficient call ABC Windows And More the local siding professional at 419-931-6573.