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Shade Tips | Benefits of adding shade to your home!

In the spring and summer many start to think about keeping your home cool and ways to make that happen for many reasons. Reasons like reducing your air conditioning bills or electrical energy bills. As a window replacement company we always like to start with replacement windows first. Today, however we want to talk about other ways to shade your home and reduce the amount of energy it might need to keep it cool in the spring and summer months of the year, or just when it is humid in Toledo, Ohio – not to mention the Great Lake cities all over from the far east Sandusky, Ohio to the western cities around Bryan, Ohio!

Many people – often more in the city and less rural areas – are lucky to have more natural shade from lots of trees, evergreens, and shrubs. However, many home owners have a real need to create their own shade.

Landscapers will insist Spring is the perfect time of year to begin planting around your home to add a natural and beautiful way to keep your home cool and reduce your energy bills. It has been explained if you carefully position the right trees you can save up to 25% of the energy a typical household uses for energy! Wow! That sounds great doesn’t it? Seasonal shading trees, or what landscapers refer to as dense shading, deciduous trees, are considered the best for shade. These type of shade trees should be planted on the south-side of your home or where the shade is needed most. Make sure to plant them so they will cast a shadow to the south-facing windows as they mature.

BUT what if you are not able to plant trees – or just do not want to plant any some suggestions from your friends at ABC Windows And More - your outdoor living specialist.


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